Humanitarian news updates from for 3 Oct 2014

The KRG and UN’s immediate response plan sets out the priorities for action to meet the most urgent needs of refugees, including shelter, food, health, water, sanitation and education.
The United Nations faces a funding gap of almost $360million to pay for urgent care of the estimated 860,000 internally displaced persons who have fled to Kurdistan in recent months.
Duhok in Kurdistan Region is struggling to deal with the influx of refugees. With refugee camps already overcrowded, about 138,000 people have taken shelter in local schools.
Lined with barbed wire, guarded by soldiers wearing riot gear and with tanks waiting nearby, this is perhaps not the welcome Kurdish refugees were hoping for as they fled across the Turkish border from Syria.
A 19-year-old Yezidi woman who was abducted by ISIS says, ‘One Yezidi woman was given to 10 Muslim ISIS men. We were sold for 10 or 12 dollars. Who could accept that behaviour? Can God accept that?’
Raped, tortured, forced to watch beheadings, then beaten when they tried to kills themselves: Yezidi girls reveal the hell they endured during ISIS captivity.
The Yezidis aren’t the only little-known religious community in the Middle East under threat.
A vicar working in Baghdad has admitted he fears for his life as terror group ISIS are just miles away from him.
The German government will call for increased European Union aid to the Kurdistan Region, which is struggling to pay to shelter the hundreds of thousands of people who have fled there from the rest of Iraq, a German minister said on Thursday.

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